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  • 20090823
    I'm soon to be hiring a new Chat Admin as //Harry// isn't coming on regularly.
    Please PM me applications.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 1 - Views: 403
  • 20090823
    Hey there,
    Me and shed have worked hard peforming the update. We weren't actually planning on making most changes, but ended up doing them anyway.
    We have launched a new "skin theme" which is very handy when looking for news posts, or whos online whilst viewing a topic.
    Unfortunely, we could find anymore ways to help "Premium Members". We really need your ideas for more features for them. That way it'll be better Smile

    Please Enjoy.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 260
  • 20090823
    Hi All,

    As this Forum is growing in Members and Posts, so we feel we should make the experience better for all. Here are a few things we hope to include in the next update:

      Ways to use points (buy Icons for profiles)
      Fix Bugs
      Star System
      Better Use of Calendar
      More Use of TEF Premium
      More exiting Profiles
      More Forum Games

    Also, if you have any good ideas post them in the Ideas Forum or PM one of us.


    by Shed - Comments: 1 - Views: 256
  • 20090821
    Hey there,
    This latest news article is me speaking about the forum, changes for September etc.

    Me speaking on....

    Brilliant Forum Start - I'm delighted with the start the forum has made. Nearly 600 posts in 4 days, it's brilliant! Posting is our main priority here at TEF online, and thats whats being given.

    TEF Premium *NEW* - The release of TEF Premium was announced last night, you may apply for your free dosage here! We're also looking to improve...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 278
  • 20090821
    Hey there,
    Unfortunely, a few "errors" of such occured with the Version 0.0.2 development.
    Not major losses, but the features we're removing did have potential.

    • Calendar feature - We're removing the calendar feature for a while until we find a decent use for it.

    • Dice game - We will soon be removing the dice game at the bottom of posts. Its an unused and pointless feature, we will be finding a way to use it. But until then, its un-available.

    We're also delighted to announce Shed as Admin. He joins...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 247
  • 20090820
    We are delighted to announce we have added another feature for TEF Premium Members.
    You may now apply for yourown Personal Forum here!
    This'll mean you will be able to choose a name, and run it! Very Happy

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 244
  • 20090820
    We are delighted to have Shed on the user team, but now, we are delighted to have him as Admin.
    It has started with immediate affect, and he will be helping with forum updates etc. in the future.. Smile

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 2 - Views: 261
  • 20090820
    Hey there,
    I am delighted to say, TEF Premium feature has been started work on.
    I and other developers will be discussing the features it can offer.
    For those who are wondering, its free!
    You could win it, be given it or trade points in for it.

    Please contribute in Ideas Forum... Smile
    Best Regards,
    /Site Admin.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 1 - Views: 248
  • 20090820
    After days of deciding and thinking, i've decided to bring another Site Developer into the forum.
    His username is "Old no. 7".
    He will be added with immediate affect and will hopefully make the forum better in many ways.

    /Site Admin.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 2 - Views: 280
  • 20090819
    We are delighted to say, the TEF Online Website will be available soon.
    We are currently undergoing construction on it.. Smile

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 261
  • 20090819
    Hello there and welcome to the forum,
    As the forum is growing rapdily, i have decided to add to our Site Development staff.
    Tom is our newest addition.
    Being on the Development staff here at TEF is a busy job, therefore we'd appreciate any kind comments you'd like to give to tom.

    Thanks.. Smile

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 296
  • 20090819
    Hey there,
    We're always welcoming new members to the forum, as you all help it work... Smile
    But now, we are calling for new members.
    If you'd like to advertise etc. please do so Smile
    It'd be much appreciated.
    In the near future, a job called "Advertisers" will be announced Smile
    There job will be simply...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 250
  • 20090819
    Well hey there,
    Thank you for your support throughout the forum. All the hard work our developers are doing is for you Smile
    So, you want to know whats going to be updated on Version 0.0.2?
    Well we can reveal all, in here!

    Forum Update for version 0.0.2

    • Mail system - We are expecting to upgrade the mail system and make it more noticable when mail is receieved.

    • New group - As you may of seen. There are many groups such as Moderaters,...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 3 - Views: 245
  • 20090819
    Recently, the forum has got of to an amazing start, therefore thank you Smile
    However, it can only get better and this is why we are looking for a new Site Developer.
    You can contact either me or Scol about the vacancy but you must include an application.

    Best Regards,
    /Site Admin.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 250
  • 20090817
    Hey there,
    I've confirmed Version 0.0.1 as the new server has been installed, and other additional bits.
    Unfortunely, the forum couldn't cpmplete the new version succesfully, therefore we're sorry.
    The dice roll game was something where the forum site crashed whilst fixing it.
    We're working on improving minor bits, and from now on[u], we will not be hiring developers, changing forums until an new Version has been released.
    I must say though, behind the scenes here at TEF, its helped extremely.
    Our offline server which helps us increase the forums...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 0 - Views: 243
  • 20090817
    Well hey there,
    After hours of work on the point system, the error was found and we can reveal how many points you get for posting in specific forums.
    Here are how the point system works...

    What does this do? - The point system gives users more of a reason to post. Prizes are soon to be introduced to those who get the most points...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 2 - Views: 324
  • 20090817
    Hey there,
    Welcome to the forum as the day is nearly coming to an end.
    I'm delighted to say we have given Harry the job as Chat Admin.
    This means its upto him who comes and goes (Obviouslly after the admins Wink )
    So, feel free to contact him via mail and i'm sure he'll get back to you..

    Best Regards,
    /Site Admin.

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 2 - Views: 292
  • 20090817
    Hey there,
    Recently, the forum has had alot of posts. So thank you for that.
    After buying, what is called forumotion credits. We will be improving the server slightly. It may not be noticable, but it'll really help Admin behind the scene as its pretty darn slow.
    So, anyway, back to the new features for...

    Update - 0.0.1

    • Dice Roll game - We are expecting to be making the dice roll game more of a hit and possibly get more prizes for users.

    • Server Quality - Behind the scenes here at TEF. We've experienced some strange...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 1 - Views: 275
  • 20090817
    Hey there,
    I'd firstly like to thank you and welcome you to the forum. You are helping us achieve our goals of becoming a popular hit.
    Yes, in addition to this, we are looking for Staff for the forum so feel free to mail me with some applications.
    We are trying to improve the forum system overall, so please help us add to these ideas by posting your thoughts/ideas in here!

    I'm going to leave you there, so please feel free to comment on the forums news...

    by JohnnieAdmin - Comments: 2 - Views: 238

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