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Admin speaks about the forum...

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Admin speaks about the forum... Empty Admin speaks about the forum...

Hey there,
This latest news article is me speaking about the forum, changes for September etc.

Me speaking on....

Brilliant Forum Start - I'm delighted with the start the forum has made. Nearly 600 posts in 4 days, it's brilliant! Posting is our main priority here at TEF online, and thats whats being given.

TEF Premium *NEW* - The release of TEF Premium was announced last night, you may apply for your free dosage here! We're also looking to improve the features in someway. Our admins will discuss this though.

Forum moderaters - To say the least, im delighted! We've had a brilliant interest and response in our search for them. the forums are very clean, therefore, thank you all.

Shed ( New Admin ) - I am delighted to have announced Shed as the new forums admin. He is now classed as Forum Co-Founder. Which is brilliant! His putting his all into the questions and forum itself.

Well, i'd like to thank you all for your help with the forum, you've been great Very Happy

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